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Hi, I'm Joseph Garcia. I help owners, real estate developers, and building contractors plan, manage, oversee and deliver projects within time, scope and budget.

Joseph Garcia's Bio:


Joseph Garcia is Principal Management Consultant at EPC Management Consultants & Associates, LLC; United States based company. He plans, budgets and manages architectural, engineering, design, procurement and construction projects from concept through operational completion. 


Has 25 years of professional leadership, operations management, and turnaround experiences involving commercial, retail, industrial, office and mixed-use high-rise projects as well as fit-out and FF&E projects. He ensured and oversaw design, development and construction management of more than 100 projects, mitigated and resolved contract change order claims, and managed 9-figure industrial and high-rise projects.


Joseph Garcia worked with top real estate developers, general contractors, utilities and Fortune 500 Companies. He earned an engineering degree, engineering certification from the Board of Professional Engineers, general contractor license, and several professional, technical, business and management accreditations. Have worked domestically and internationally.  Is also fluent in both English and Spanish.


Joseph Garcia's Experience:

  • Principal Consultant at EPC Management Consultants & Associates,LLC

    Manages consulting services and continually cultivates new/existing client relationships with clients' President, COO, CFO, Managing Directors, VP and Manager of engineering, real estate development, marketing, business development, process integration, construction management, resource planning and delivery management services, domestically and internationally while increasing customer confidence, trust and loyalty. ● Recommended change management strategy, implemented hands-on turnaround solutions, kept informed on requirements regulations/codes including FBC, FAC, ADA, NEC, HUD, EPA, FHA insurance, safety, labor relations, employee relations, and enforced EEO compliance. Conducted technical feasibility studies, business case, and financial analysis ● Negotiated claim resolution, chaired meetings, and validated field operations performance for subcontractor insurance and surety bond issues, recommended recovery strategy approved by bonding company, created CPM schedule, replaced non-performing mechanical subcontractor, guided new replacement subcontractor that successfully completed turn-around/change management of $52M multifamily project ● Walked multiple sites, interviewed teams, identified improvement opportunities, validated site status, reviewed project issues, projected cash needs, confirmed schedule, and noted team performance for each project and prepared report on cumulative results of as many as 17 on-going concurrent projects at varying phases of construction for executive management ● Produced real estate development strategy in collaboration with principal stakeholder for construction of Media Center and renovation of International Airport projects ● Prepared training for various electric utility agreements, instructed operations managers on contract terms, conditions, operating requirements for resource recovery electric power generation plant and recommended operations strategy increased plant performance and reduced $3M in damage claims

  • Owner / Developer at Project Venture

    HOMEBUILDING OPERATIONS - Identify land development, emerging start-up venture opportunity and grow business from ground up. Apply strategic process in development entitlement of land, seek rezoning, amend easements, petition plan review, present plans, illustrate development of multiple single-family homes at county commission hearing and successfully attain plat legal approval. ● Demolished existing structures, engineered, filled, graded, installed infrastructure (sewer, water, fire hydrant, drainage, electric, telephone, cable, signage, striping), paved road, bonded drainage and landscaped property completing development for residential construction phase ● Procured, owned, developed, and invested in residential real estate projects then decided to sell projects that attained 47% ROI within a one-year period

  • Vice President at Design Center of the Americas

    DEVELOPMENT CONSTRUCTION - Aligned design, engineering, construction management for capital improvement demolition, and renovation of ultra high-end design center. * Executed permits for renovations mitigation reconstruction restoration projects estimated $10M * Managed bidding, scoping and buyout of $10M development construction & renovation project * Conducted contractor/subcontractor pre-qualifications and due diligence * Instituted startup of joint venture partnership saved as much as 60% in markup

  • Project Manager at Groupe Pacific

    DEVELOPMENT CONSTRUCTION - Lead design, engineering, estimating, planning, inspection, construction management, and project field teams. Chair meetings with Architects, Engineers, and Designers to address RFIs, RCOs, COs, Owner Directive and plan review as well as shop drawing, submittal, MEP Coordination and payment validation. Coordinate with property management, municipal governmental, and utility services. ● Managed Development Construction created $140M high-rise S-Tower ● Documented insurance claims for $130M high-rise N-Tower ● Developed negotiated approved scope of work built $140M high-rise ● Rectified condominium documents through COO for two Towers ● Chaired meetings with architects, engineers and designers that answered 500+ RFI ● Approved monthly payment processing for total estimated $322M ● Resolved mitigated construction claims saved $800k in contract change order ● Directed design of stairs/glazing manufactured in Latin America/Asia saved 40% to 60% in cost

  • Planning / Development Project Manager at Codina Group Inc.

    DEVELOPMENT PLANNING CONSTRUCTION - Provide real estate development, project management, planning, consulting, and strategic planning for full service real estate Company. Oversee budget, drawings, specifications, Request for Information, RFI, Critical Path Method, CPM, scheduling, and contract change order processes as well as compliance with building codes, OSHA safety regulations and other governmental requirements. ● Presented REIT plan changes at municipal committee hearing, achieved approval ● Owner Representative for $68M REIT portfolio managed commercial retail office building & fit-out ● Directed hands-on onsite MEP Turnaround for $52M mid-rise mixed-use condominium ● Consolidated validated presented monthly executive reports for $190M construction portfolio ● Implemented 3-level job cost & status reporting; overall, project comparison & project details ● Resolved mitigated construction claims saved $350k in contract change order ● Collaborated with condominium sales/marketing on buyer operations coordination for 199 units ● Traveled inspected 51 project sites validated conformance with key performance indicators, KPI

  • Consultant at R B Grove

    POWER SYSTEMS SALES - Calculate estimate and model financial performance of projects, determine project viability and sustainability based on thorough evaluation. Partner with executive management, formulate costs, integrated RFP responses effectively, acquired bids for international infrastructure capital projects. ● Estimated costs for professional, contractor, equipment used in turnkey construction solutions ● Designed financial model won support from international bank for $200M Power Plant bid ● Formulated O&M cost projection for 100MW electrical power plant

  • Program Manager / Sr. Analyst at Florida Power & Light Company (FPL)

    MARKETING PROGRAM MANAGEMENT – Launch, manage, and monitor energy conservation/demand side programs. Conduct market and competitive research, brand management, business development, and marketing strategy development. Train and develop sales teams for company-wide marketing program implementation. ● Launched Off-Peak Battery Charging Program overachieved goals by 16% for 2 years ● Justified Commercial Load Control Program deferred cost for construction of $400M power plant

  • Technology Assessment Project Manager / Senior Analyst at Florida Power & Light Company (FPL)

    TECHNOLOGY ASSESSMENT - Promotion and Assignment - Conduct technical and business feasibility studies, analysis, review of new technologies, products, services that reduce energy consumption, control energy usage, or provide cost savings. Analyze technical, economical, logistical, measurable data, determine viability of energy saving proposals, concepts, and equipment, and publish results for company-wide edification. ● Researched system voltage regulation developed 300 MW capacity for sale or reserve power ● Set standards for Electric Vehicle (EV) charger used with General Motors EV-1 South Florida debut ● Reviewed “Green Plug” product savings claim, conducted cost benefit analysis, published results ● Analyzed membrane with cryogenic technologies determined energy savings for Air Products

  • Marketing New Product Development Project Manager / Analyst at Florida Power & Light Company (FPL)

    MARKETING NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT - Lead, manage, and streamline business development operations for new service offering. Integrate company electric meter reading with customer municipal water meter reading function. Enforce policies and standards, incorporate consumer needs in new product development process, sustain company integrity in community, and manage program operations within scope, schedule and overall fiscal performance. ● Integrated functions proposed service earned acceptance from 100% of targeted city manager ● Led trail program with P&L responsibility created synergy netted 52% ROI in one year

  • Marketing Load Management Project Manager (PM) at Florida Power & Light Company (FPL)

    MARKETING LOAD MANAGEMENT - Collaborate on R&D royalty fee negotiations, contract development, design services, human resources management, manufacturing process, manufacturing workflow, and demonstration of Load Management, LM, equipment with California based Company. Test technology integration innovation of de-classified military spread spectrum technology with new load control equipment through use of power line carrier communications. Direct, instruct, hire, supervise company and third party field crews configure telecommunications infrastructure. Install communications system consisting of head-end radio tower, 300 radios, 500 AMI meters, and 500 LM devices throughout Miami Area ● Ran design construction $3.1M R&D of Demand Side Management trial project ● Recruited 1,000 customers analyzed quantitative and qualitative data proved technology ● Published R&D results reduced sole source equipment cost by 50% ● Compelled aggressive testing, earned UL Listing, manufactured 500 LM units ● Installed Headend Antenna consisting of 4 radios atop building validated 10 mile range

  • Cogeneration and Small Power Production Specialist at Florida Power & Light Company (FPL)

    COGENERATION SMALL POWER PRODUCTION - Promotion and Appointment cogeneration and small power production expert management support department. Implement purchase of customer generated power from windmill, resource recovery (waste-to-energy), biomass, landfill gas, alternative energy and cogeneration projects. Manage and orchestrate contract development, enlist team from risk, law, finance, planning, and other cross-fictional departments and elicit comments on draft contract terms and conditions. ● Developed presented 10 year forecast, approved by corporate executive committee ● Formulated rates, commission deemed FPL only utility correct, "all others follow FPL’s lead" ● Negotiated contract development for long-term power purchased $527M NPV ● Facilitated contract development for renewable energy interconnection $10M

  • Transmission Substation Project Engineer (PE) at Florida Power & Light Company (FPL)

    TRANSMISSION SUBSTATION ENGINEERING - Thoroughly engineer, plan, estimate, budget, bid, construct, monitor and close 69kV, 138kV, 230kV, and 500kV transmission substations from ground up. ● Engineered design reduced unplanned nuclear power plant interruption estimated $2M daily ● Engineered constructed transmission substation expansions/modifications worth $31M ● Designed built substations, assigned largest 500kV substation, estimated $25M

Joseph Garcia's Education:

  • Corporate Training and Certifications

    Professional Certifications
  • Nova Southeastern University

    Concentration: Certification - Personal Impact Training
  • University of Miami

    Concentration: Engineering
  • Miami Dade College

    AA - General Engineering
    Concentration: Miami-Dade College

Joseph Garcia's Interests & Activities:

Management of Operations, Real Estate Development, and Construction Operations